Fiction Friday


I figured out that we can add additional pages of long-term material to WordPress, not just a blog, so I moved everything here. There’s a link to that prayer book I put together a while ago, a collection of topics that I disagree with the Church about, and a page for my fiction, which you can’t download yet.
I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t make any further progress on the outline for Book 2 until October, but I have the itch. Gonna fix some glaring errors in Book 1, draw floorplans for existing buildings, and throw details at every object and sensation on the page. As long as I’m not thinking about the network of tunnels he will discover or the revelation that the bishop was having an affair or a presumably secure character will likely die, as long as I can keep my head out of Book 2, I’m not breaking the rules.
I’m a little out of practice, but writing’s just like riding a bike, right?
Anyway, the other blog is gone. If you need me for something I will be wandering the halls of my fictional Whitestone Abbey.