Medication Monday

I’ll be picking up my meds later today.  Well, some of them – they’re all on different schedules.

Today it’s my three happy pills.  One of them, the antidepressant, has a 3-month prescription.  Convenient as hell, a third of the cost, just stellar.  The other two are only distributed on a monthly basis, because the antianxiety med could be used recreationally.

It’s so dumb.  I’ve been taking it for nine years or so, and they still don’t trust me to be responsible with it.  Overdose on 3 months of the one, fine, but get high off of the other?  Unacceptable risk.

This will also be my first time filling my prescriptions under new insurance.  Last week I was switched from BadgerCare to Medicaid, and I’m not sure what the copay situation will be.

“But wait,” you ask, “doesn’t that mean you’ve been declared disabled?”

Yes, but by the state, not the feds, a few weeks before my hearing.  The acceptance letter even claimed that I should be receiving SSI, but I haven’t heard anything more about that, and I’m too exhausted to ask.  I should hear back from the feds in Jan/Feb.

Anywho, hooray for pills.