Gleeful Anticipation of the Ashley Madison Leak


Some things are wrong, and cheating is one of them.  You can argue that there are worse things than cheating, such as human trafficking and murder, and I would agree, but that doesn’t mean that cheating isn’t wrong.

I consider myself fairly sex positive:  I’m okay with prostitution, open polyamorous relationships, masturbation, pre or non marital sex – get your rocks off, that’s fine.

But Ashley Madison isn’t about that, it’s about extra-marital affairs.  It’s about a culture of cheating spouses, and it’s wrong.  Marriage is a thing, and if you don’t want to take part in it, then don’t.  People have fought and died for the right to marry, whether it be someone of another race in the 50s or someone of your own gender last month.  It’s a powerful thing, and it comes at a cost.  It’s not for everyone.

If you aren’t comfortable sharing your kinks with your spouse, you have selected the wrong spouse.  If you are bored with your partner, it is not the fault of the institution of marriage, you have selected, or perhaps become, the wrong spouse.

This hack of a website founded in 2001 for the purpose of enabling infidelity is not going to ruin your marriage, marrying the wrong person (or at all) did.  Where is this splendid right to privacy when it comes to non-violent drug offenders?  I mention that because in some places adultery IS a crime, here in my state of Wisconsin it is a felony.  What makes your crime more sacred than mine?

No, I feel no sympathy for the people who may get exposed by this hack.  Actions have consequences.