Rev. Walter Scott is a pompous blowhard


I was reading this book, a series of lectures available on Google Play, but I have to confess that I couldn’t finish it. The guy is simply to proud of himself. He rails against the Unitarians for “torturing the Word of God to suit their own hypotheses” when it comes to their denial of demons, but immediately follows it by doing the exact same thing when he denies witchcraft, oracles, and any possession that took place after the last Apostle died.
Fallen angels strive to destroy the natural order, but the Delphi oracles were too chaotic to be Satan’s work. Man shares in the divine nature, but the witch of Endor and the Egyptian magicians Moses faced were charlatans. Demons are permitted to torment us, but God stopped possessions after a while, for no clear purpose. The author’s logic is frozen and flawed.
Two more things: 1) you can’t refer to “the facts” without presenting what those facts are. 2) He has an annoying habit of saying “important, I almost said crucial,” or “tiring, I almost said exhausting,” and so on. One “I almost said” is cute, dozens are just him trying to convince us how clever he is by dragging us through his internal editing process. It’s lame.


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